1: "Hummingbirds are known to have babies in the months of April and May."

2: "During this time, female hummingbirds build tiny nests out of soft materials."

3: "The female lays tiny white eggs, typically 2, and incubates them for about 2 weeks."

4: "Once hatched, the baby hummingbirds are blind and featherless, requiring constant care."

5: "As the babies grow, they develop feathers and begin to venture out of the nest."

6: "After about 3 weeks, the young hummingbirds are ready to fly and explore on their own."

7: "Adult hummingbirds will continue to feed and care for their young for a few more weeks."

8: "By mid-summer, the baby hummingbirds are fully independent and ready to fend for themselves."

9: "Overall, the months of April and May are crucial for the birth and growth of baby hummingbirds."