1: Phoenix - Symbol of rebirth and eternal life, the legendary bird rises from its ashes.

What bird represents life and death?

2: Raven - A mysterious creature associated with death and the afterlife in many cultures.

3: Swan - This elegant bird embodies grace, beauty, and the cycle of life and death.

4: Hawk - Known for its keen vision, the hawk symbolizes power, freedom, and the spirit world.

5: Crow - Often linked to the supernatural and the passage between life and death.

6: Dove - A universal symbol of peace, love, and the soul's journey after death.

7: Owl - With its wisdom and connection to the spirit world, the owl signifies life's mysteries.

8: Vulture - Despite their association with death, vultures are essential to the cycle of life.

9: Eagle - Revered for strength, courage, and its ability to soar between earthly life and the heavens.