1: The dove symbolizes peace and harmony, often seen as a messenger of God in many religious traditions.

2: The eagle is a powerful and majestic bird that represents strength, courage, and protection.

3: The swan is a symbol of grace, purity, and beauty, often associated with angels and higher realms.

4: The phoenix represents rebirth and immortality, as it is believed to rise from its ashes.

5: The albatross is a symbol of freedom, endurance, and navigation, revered by sailors as a sign of good luck.

6: The peacock is a symbol of resurrection and eternal life, its vibrant colors reflecting the divine beauty of heaven.

7: The owl is a symbol of wisdom, insight, and intuition, guiding souls through the darkness to light.

8: The hummingbird symbolizes joy, love, and healing, its presence a reminder of the divine in everyday life.

9: The sparrow is a symbol of protection, love, and companionship, believed to carry messages between heaven and earth.