1: Discover what baby hummingbirds are called and learn about their fascinating journey from egg to fledgling.

2: A baby hummingbird is known as a chick. These tiny creatures require constant care from their mothers to survive.

3: Baby hummingbirds are born blind and featherless, relying on their parents to keep them warm and fed.

4: Chickadees are the smallest birds in North America. Despite their size, they are resilient and can fly within three weeks.

5: Hummingbird chicks grow rapidly, with their feathers developing within days of hatching.

6: These baby birds are known for their high metabolism and need to eat every 10-15 minutes to thrive.

7: By the time they reach adulthood, hummingbirds are capable of intricate aerial acrobatics.

8: Witness the beauty of baby hummingbirds as they take their first flights and explore the world around them.

9: Learn more about these remarkable creatures and how each stage of their development contributes to their survival in the wild.