1: Discover Rare Half Dollar Dates Explore valuable half dollar dates that collectors covet, from early 19th century to modern mint releases.

2: 1838 Seated Liberty Half Dollar Learn about the first year of this iconic coin series, featuring a classic design cherished by collectors.

3: 1916 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Uncover the history of this stunning silver coin, known for its beautiful depiction of Lady Liberty.

4: 1972 Eisenhower Dollar Dive into the fascinating world of the "Ike" dollar and its significance in numismatic circles.

5: 1794 Flowing Hair Half Dollar Delve into the origins of this rare and highly sought after early American coin.

6: 1936 Albany New York Charter Half Dollar Explore the story behind this unique commemorative coin honoring Albany's rich history.

7: 1955 Franklin Half Dollar Learn about the significance of this special year for the popular Franklin half dollar series.

8: 1836 Gobrecht Dollar Discover the legacy of this experimental coin minted as a precursor to the Seated Liberty dollar.

9: 1999-P Susan B. Anthony Dollar Find out why the 1999-P Anthony dollar is a standout among modern coin collectors.