1: Introduction to Kennedy Half Dollar Discover the history and value of the Kennedy Half Dollar coin.

2: Key Dates and Mintmarks Identify the most valuable Kennedy Half Dollars based on dates and mintmarks.

3: Grading Factors Learn about key factors that affect the value of a Kennedy Half Dollar coin.

4: Rare Varieties Explore rare varieties of the Kennedy Half Dollar that hold significant value.

5: Proof and Mint Sets Understand the importance of Proof and Mint sets in collecting Kennedy Half Dollars.

6: Investing in Kennedy Half Dollars Discover why investing in Kennedy Half Dollars can be profitable for collectors.

7: Authentication and Certification Find out the importance of authentication and certification when buying Kennedy Half Dollars.

8: Storage and Display Learn how to properly store and display your valuable Kennedy Half Dollar collection.

9: Conclusion Summarize the key points of collecting valuable Kennedy Half Dollars and tips for beginners.