1: The Kennedy half dollar is steeped in myths and legends. Learn the truth behind this sought-after coin.

2: Myth: Kennedy halves are made of silver. Fact: Only pre-1965 coins contain silver.

3: Myth: Kennedy half dollars are rare. Fact: Millions are still in circulation.

4: Myth: Kennedy was the first president to appear on a coin. Fact: Lincoln beat him to it.

5: Myth: Bicentennial Kennedy halves are valuable. Fact: They are common and worth face value.

6: Myth: The 1970 Kennedy half is worth a fortune. Fact: None were officially minted for circulation.

7: Myth: The Denver mint produced fewer Kennedy halves. Fact: Both mints have similar production numbers.

8: Myth: Clad Kennedy halves are worthless. Fact: They hold sentimental value for many collectors.

9: Uncover the truth about Kennedy half dollar myths and start your own collection today.