1: Introduction Discover the allure of the Kennedy Half Dollar, a popular collectible coin with a fascinating history.

2: History Learn about the origins of the Kennedy Half Dollar and its significance in American numismatics.

3: Design Explore the iconic design of the Kennedy Half Dollar, featuring President John F. Kennedy.

4: Minting Understand the minting process of the Kennedy Half Dollar and variations that make them valuable.

5: Rarity Find out about rare editions of the Kennedy Half Dollar and their value in the collector's market.

6: Grading Learn about grading standards for Kennedy Half Dollars and how it affects their worth.

7: Collecting Tips for starting a Kennedy Half Dollar collection, including where to find and purchase coins.

8: Investment Discover why Kennedy Half Dollars are a sound investment for both collectors and investors.

9: Conclusion Wrap up your Kennedy Half Dollar journey with key insights on its enduring popularity in numismatics.