1: The Kennedy Half Dollar, minted in 1964, is a highly sought-after coin among numismatists.

2: With a design inspired by President John F. Kennedy, this coin holds historical and sentimental value.

3: The 90% silver content makes the Kennedy Half Dollar a valuable addition to any coin collection.

4: Collectors seek out rare varieties, such as proof and mint sets, to enhance their portfolios.

5: The numismatic study of Kennedy Half Dollars reveals their enduring popularity and investment potential.

6: From circulated coins to uncirculated specimens, each Kennedy Half Dollar tells a unique story.

7: Prices for these coins can vary based on condition, mintage, and rarity.

8: Considered a classic piece of American coinage, the Kennedy Half Dollar continues to captivate collectors worldwide.

9: Whether you're a seasoned numismatist or a novice collector, the Kennedy Half Dollar remains a coveted treasure.