1: Introduction to Kennedy Half Dollar Discover the history and value of the Kennedy Half Dollar. Learn what makes this coin highly sought after by collectors.

2: The Design of Kennedy Half Dollar Explore the iconic design of the Kennedy Half Dollar. Look for the intricate details that make this coin unique.

3: Silver vs. Clad Kennedy Half Dollar Learn how to differentiate between the silver and clad Kennedy Half Dollar. Understand the significance of each type.

4: Key Dates and Mintmarks Identify the key dates and mintmarks on the Kennedy Half Dollar. Find out which coins are the most desirable among collectors.

5: Grading and Pricing Get tips on grading and pricing the Kennedy Half Dollar. Discover how the condition of the coin affects its value.

6: Error Coins and Varieties Explore rare error coins and varieties of the Kennedy Half Dollar. Learn what to look for to spot these valuable coins.

7: Investing in Kennedy Half Dollar Consider investing in the Kennedy Half Dollar. Find out why this coin is a popular choice among numismatists.

8: Displaying and Storing Learn how to properly display and store your Kennedy Half Dollar collection. Preserve the beauty and value of your coins.

9: Conclusion Summarize the importance of knowing what to look for in the most desired Kennedy Half Dollar. Start your collection today and enjoy the thrill of coin collecting.