1: Introduction to The Kennedy Half Dollar. Unveiled in 1964, this coin is a favorite among collectors for its design and historical significance.

2: The Significance of 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars. The first year of issue is highly coveted for its 90% silver content and connection to JFK.

3: Sought-After Mintmarks and Varieties. From the scarce 1970-D to the proof-only issues, collectors seek out rare versions of this coin.

4: Grading and Valuing Your Collection. Learn how to assess the condition of your Kennedy half dollars and determine their worth.

5: Collecting Tips for Beginners. Start your collection with a focus on high-quality coins and expand from there.

6: Popular Sets and Series. Explore the various sets and series that feature Kennedy half dollars, such as the silver proof sets.

7: Preserving Your Collection. Proper storage and handling are essential to maintaining the value and condition of your coins.

8: Buying and Selling Kennedy Half Dollars. Whether you're looking to add to your collection or sell duplicates, find reputable dealers and online platforms.

9: The Future of Kennedy Half Dollar Collecting. As interest in numismatics grows, the Kennedy half dollar continues to be a sought-after coin for collectors of all levels.