1: In early spring, keep an eye out for baby hummingbirds emerging from their tiny nests.

The Best Time to Observe Baby Hummingbird

2: Summer evenings are the perfect time to watch baby hummingbirds testing out their wings.

3: Fall migration offers a chance to witness young hummingbirds preparing for their long journey.

4: Winter can be a tough time for baby hummingbirds, so provide extra food and shelter.

5: Keep feeders filled with fresh nectar all year round to attract baby hummingbirds.

6: Morning sun is the best time to spot baby hummingbirds feeding on nectar-filled flowers.

7: Baby hummingbirds grow rapidly, so don't blink or you might miss their development.

8: Stay patient and observant to catch the rare moments of baby hummingbirds in action.

9: Whether in your backyard or on a nature hike, the best time to observe baby hummingbirds is anytime they grace you with their presence.