1: Witness the magic of hummingbird babies in your area during spring and early summer.

2: March and April mark the beginning of nesting season for hummingbird families.

3: May is a prime time to catch a glimpse of newly hatched hummingbird babies.

4: In June, watch as baby hummingbirds begin to fledge and explore their surroundings.

5: July is the perfect month to see juvenile hummingbirds practicing their flying skills.

6: August brings the chance to see young hummingbirds preparing for their migration.

7: September is when most hummingbird babies have left their nests and are ready to embark on their journey.

8: October is the last opportunity to see any lingering hummingbird babies before they head south.

9: Don't miss the chance to witness the wonder of hummingbird babies in your area this season.