1: Discover the rare 1964D Kennedy Half Dollar, a symbol of American history and numismatic excellence.

2: Struck in 90% silver, the 1964D features Kennedy's iconic portrait and the Denver mintmark.

3: Known for its exceptional luster and sharp details, this coin is highly coveted by collectors.

4: Released just months after JFK's tragic assassination, it holds a special place in numismatic lore.

5: Due to its limited mintage, the 1964D is a must-have for any serious coin enthusiast.

6: The coin's high-grade examples can fetch top dollar at auctions and coin shows.

7: Whether you're a seasoned collector or a hobbyist, the 1964D is a must-add to your collection.

8: With its historical significance and stunning design, this coin truly represents the pinnacle of Kennedy half dollars.

9: Own a piece of American history with the 1964D Kennedy Half Dollar – a timeless classic in numismatics.