1: Rare Half Dollar Years Explore the most sought-after years for half dollar collectors. From early 1800s classics to modern treasures, uncover valuable coins to start your collection.

2: 1794 Half Dollar Discover the significance of the 1794 half dollar, the first year of mintage. Learn about its rarity and historical importance in numismatics.

3: 1838-O Half Dollar Delve into the history of the 1838-O half dollar, struck at the New Orleans Mint. Find out why this coin is highly sought after by collectors.

4: 1916 Walking Liberty Learn about the iconic 1916 Walking Liberty half dollar. Appreciate its stunning design and understand why it's a must-have for coin enthusiasts.

5: 1941-S Walking Liberty Uncover the value of the 1941-S Walking Liberty half dollar. Explore its unique features and why it's a popular choice for collectors.

6: 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Discover the significance of the 1964 Kennedy half dollar. Learn about its silver content and why it's a favorite among coin collectors.

7: 1976 Bicentennial Half Dollar Celebrate America's bicentennial with the 1976 Bicentennial half dollar. Explore its patriotic design and why it's a memorable addition to any collection.

8: 1987-S Proof Half Dollar Learn about the 1987-S proof half dollar, known for its exceptional quality. Find out why proof coins are highly desirable among collectors.

9: Where to Start Ready to begin your rare half dollar collection? Start by researching key years and visiting reputable coin dealers. Happy collecting!