1: Introduction Discover the history behind rare half dollar years and their significance in numismatics.

2: 1794 Half Dollar Learn about the elusive 1794 half dollar, the first year of production for this coin.

3: 1838-O Half Dollar Explore the rarity of the 1838-O half dollar minted in New Orleans.

4: 1878-CC Half Dollar Uncover the story behind the 1878-CC half dollar struck in Carson City.

5: 1916-D Half Dollar Delve into the fascinating details of the 1916-D half dollar from the Denver Mint.

6: 1921 Half Dollar Learn about the scarcity of the 1921 half dollar produced in Philadelphia.

7: 1938-D Half Dollar Discover the importance of the 1938-D half dollar minted in Denver.

8: 1955 Half Dollar Explore the unique qualities of the 1955 half dollar released by the Philadelphia Mint.

9: Conclusion Unravel the mystery of rare half dollar years and their enduring value in numismatic collections.