1: Rare half dollar years can be valuable additions to a collection. Learn which years to keep an eye out for.

2: 1916-P Walking Liberty half dollars are highly coveted by collectors for their beautiful design.

3: The 1794 Flowing Hair half dollar is one of the rarest coins in US history.

4: Focus on years like 1838 and 1839 for Seated Liberty half dollars with unique features.

5: Looking for Barber half dollars? Seek out 1892-O or 1915-S for potential treasures.

6: Don't overlook Peace half dollars from 1921. These coins have historical significance.

7: Franklin half dollars from 1948-1963 are popular among coin enthusiasts.

8: Kennedy half dollars from 1964 have silver content that adds to their worth.

9: Half dollar collecting can be a rewarding hobby. Do your research and find hidden gems!