1: Introduction to Rare Half Dollar Years Discover the rare half dollar years that collectors seek. Learn about key dates and mintages that make these coins valuable.

2: 1796 Draped Bust Half Dollar Explore the history and significance of the 1796 Draped Bust Half Dollar. Rarity and condition determine its value to collectors.

3: 1838-O Capped Bust Half Dollar Uncover the story behind the 1838-O Capped Bust Half Dollar. Low mintage and historical context contribute to its desirability.

4: 1916 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Delve into the allure of the 1916 Walking Liberty Half Dollar. High relief design and limited production make it a prize.

5: 1797 Draped Bust Small Eagle Half Dollar Examine the scarcity of the 1797 Draped Bust Half Dollar. Mint errors and low survival rates add to its mystique.

6: 1794 Flowing Hair Half Dollar Learn about the beauty and rarity of the 1794 Flowing Hair Half Dollar. Few examples exist, making it highly coveted.

7: 1839 Seated Liberty Half Dollar Unveil the history of the 1839 Seated Liberty Half Dollar. Varieties and conditions impact its value in the numismatic market.

8: 1892-O Barber Half Dollar Witness the elegance of the 1892-O Barber Half Dollar. Challenge of obtaining high-grade specimens makes it sought after.

9: Conclusion Understand the intricacies and allure of rare half dollar years. Collectors value these coins for their scarcity and historical significance.