1: Welcome to Orchid Care Simplified! Learn quick tips for thriving orchids in your busy schedule.

2: Choose the right location for your orchids—bright, indirect light is key for healthy growth.

3: Watering orchids can be easy! Stick to a weekly schedule and ensure proper drainage to avoid root rot.

4: Humidity is crucial for orchids—maintain a level of 50-70% to keep them happy.

5: Fertilize your orchids monthly during the growing season with a balanced fertilizer for optimal bloom.

6: Repotting orchids every 1-2 years can improve their growth and prevent overcrowding.

7: Pests and diseases can harm your orchids—inspect regularly and treat promptly.

8: Pruning spent blooms and dead roots will encourage new growth and maintain plant health.

9: Remember, consistency is key in orchid care—simplify your routine and enjoy beautiful blooms!