1: Learn how to prevent window collisions during hummingbird breeding season with these simple tips.

2: Install decals or tape on windows to make them visible to hummingbirds and prevent accidents.

3: Move bird feeders closer to windows to distract hummingbirds and reduce the risk of collisions.

4: Use curtains, blinds, or screens to create a barrier between windows and outdoor spaces to protect hummingbirds.

5: Plant native trees and shrubs near windows to provide natural cover and reduce reflection that attracts hummingbirds.

6: Install external shading devices like awnings to reduce glare and reflections that can confuse hummingbirds.

7: Avoid placing bird feeders or bright objects near windows to minimize the risk of collisions during breeding season.

8: Keep windows clean and free of smudges to eliminate reflections that can trick hummingbirds into thinking they are flying into open space.

9: By following these simple strategies, you can help protect hummingbirds during their breeding season and prevent window collisions.