1: Title: Introduction Content: Learn how to create a hummingbird-friendly neighborhood by planting native flowers and providing fresh water.

2: Title: Plant Native Plants Content: Choose native plants like salvia and bee balm to attract hummingbirds to your garden.

3: Title: Provide Fresh Water Content: Place a shallow water source, like a fountain or birdbath, for hummingbirds to drink from and bathe in.

4: Title: Avoid Chemicals Content: Use organic gardening practices to avoid harmful chemicals that can disrupt a hummingbird's food sources.

5: Title: Create Shelter Content: Plant shrubs and trees to provide shelter for hummingbirds from predators and harsh weather conditions.

6: Title: Maintain Feeders Content: Keep hummingbird feeders clean and filled with fresh nectar to attract and nourish the birds.

7: Title: Monitor Predators Content: Keep an eye out for cats, hawks, and other predators that may harm hummingbirds in your neighborhood.

8: Title: Support Conservation Efforts Content: Get involved in local conservation efforts to protect hummingbird habitats and populations.

9: Title: Enjoy Your Hummingbird-Friendly Neighborhood Content: Sit back, relax, and watch as hummingbirds visit your garden, bringing beauty and joy to your neighborhood.