1: "Plant nectar-rich flowers like bee balm and salvia to attract hummingbirds during breeding season."

2: "Hang bright-colored feeders filled with sugar water to catch the attention of these tiny birds."

3: "Provide perches and nesting materials like spider silk to create a welcoming environment for hummingbirds."

4: "Use red accents in your garden, as hummingbirds are attracted to this vibrant color."

5: "Place your feeders and flowers in sunny spots where hummingbirds will easily spot them."

6: "Keep your garden pesticide-free to ensure a safe and healthy environment for hummingbirds."

7: "Maintain a clean and fresh water source for hummingbirds to stay hydrated."

8: "Install a mister or fountain to create a soothing environment that hummingbirds will enjoy."

9: "Enjoy the beauty and wonder of hummingbirds in your garden by providing them with a welcoming habitat."