1: Welcome to Hedgehog Hibernation Month! Learn about how these adorable animals prepare for their long winter sleep.

Kangaroo Birthing Time

Kangaroo Birthing Time

2: Discover why hedgehogs hibernate, what they eat before hibernation, and the best way to support them during this time.

3: Hedgehogs are experts at finding a warm, safe spot to hibernate. Learn about their hibernation habits and how they survive the cold.

4: Find out how hedgehogs conserve energy during hibernation and why they need to stock up on food before going to sleep.

5: Learn about the challenges hedgehogs face during hibernation and how you can help create a hedgehog-friendly environment in your garden.

6: From building a hedgehog house to leaving out food and water, there are many ways to support hedgehogs during Hibernation Month.

7: Discover the fascinating world of hedgehog communication and why they rub their scent on objects before hibernating.

8: Find out how hedgehogs wake up from hibernation and what they do when they emerge from their winter sleep.

9: Join us in celebrating Hedgehog Hibernation Month and learning more about these amazing creatures and their survival skills.