1: Introduction to Rare Years in Half Dollar History Discover the most coveted years in half dollar history, prized for their rarity and unique features.

2: 1838-O Seated Liberty Half Dollar Explore the elusive 1838-O Seated Liberty half dollar, known for its low mintage and historical significance.

3: 1878-S Liberty Seated Half Dollar Learn about the scarce 1878-S Liberty Seated half dollar, sought after by collectors for its limited availability.

4: 1921-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar Delve into the story of the 1921-D Walking Liberty half dollar, a key date coin with a fascinating past.

5: 1938-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar Uncover the rarity of the 1938-D Walking Liberty half dollar, revered for its scarcity and numismatic value.

6: 1949 Franklin Half Dollar Discover the allure of the 1949 Franklin half dollar, a sought-after coin prized for its beauty and scarcity.

7: 1964-D Kennedy Half Dollar Learn about the elusive 1964-D Kennedy half dollar, a key date coin with a unique place in history.

8: 1970-D Kennedy Half Dollar Explore the scarcity of the 1970-D Kennedy half dollar, a rare find for collectors seeking elusive coins.

9: Conclusion Wrap up your exploration of rare years in half dollar history, and start your own numismatic journey today.