1: Introduction Discover if hummingbirds prefer sun or shade in this informative guide.

Do hummingbirds like sun or shade?

2: Hummingbird Behavior Learn why hummingbirds are attracted to both sunny and shady areas.

3: Sunlight Preferences Explore how sunlight influences hummingbird feeding and nesting habits.

4: Shade Benefits Understand the advantages of providing shade for hummingbirds in your garden.

5: Creating a Balanced Habitat Find out how to create a habitat that offers both sun and shade for hummingbirds.

6: Plant Selection Discover which plants thrive in sunny and shady conditions to attract hummingbirds.

7: Water Sources Learn how to offer water sources in both sun and shade for hummingbirds to stay hydrated.

8: Nesting Sites Find out where hummingbirds prefer to build their nests in sun or shade areas.

9: Final Thoughts Wrap up your understanding of hummingbird preferences for sun or shade in your garden.