1: "Nest Predation" - Hummingbirds face threats from predators targeting their nests. Stay alert to protect their offspring.

2: "Food Availability" - Finding enough nectar and insects to feed their young can be a struggle for hummingbirds.

3: "Competition for Resources" - Hummingbirds must compete with other birds for food and territory during breeding season.

4: "Extreme Weather" - Harsh weather conditions can make it challenging for hummingbirds to find food and protect their young.

5: "Loss of Habitat" - Destruction of natural habitats can disrupt nesting sites and food sources for hummingbirds.

6: "Human Interference" - Urban development and human activities can disturb hummingbirds during breeding season.

7: "Migration Dangers" - Long-distance migrations bring risks for hummingbirds, including fatigue and lack of resources.

8: "Disease Outbreaks" - Hummingbirds are susceptible to diseases that can spread rapidly and harm their populations.

9: "Climate Change Effects" - Changing weather patterns and temperatures impact the survival of hummingbirds and their offspring.