1: Discover the vibrant colors of garden hummingbird favorites. From red to purple blooms, these flowers attract these enchanting birds.

2: Red flowers like bee balm and cardinal flowers are some favorites. Their bright hues attract hummingbirds looking for nectar.

3: Orange blooms like trumpet vine and Mexican sunflower catch the eye of hummingbirds. Their fiery tones make them irresistible.

4: Pink flowers such as fuchsia and impatiens are loved by hummingbirds. Their delicate shades add a feminine touch to the garden.

5: Purple blooms like salvia and butterfly bush are popular with hummingbirds. Their regal hues create a calming oasis.

6: Yellow flowers like lantana and coreopsis are a hit with hummingbirds. Their sunny colors brighten up any garden.

7: Blue blooms like lobelia and delphinium are a unique choice for hummingbirds. Their cool tones provide a refreshing change.

8: Green plants such as hosta and ferns are also important for attracting hummingbirds. Their lush foliage provides shelter and nesting spots.

9: Create a rainbow of colors in your garden to attract hummingbird favorites. Plant a variety of flowers to keep these enchanting birds coming back.